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DS Artwork of CorkyLunn

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Please e-mail me if you have any questions:
Also, when ordering, please use this format below in the e-mail:

Which Package do you want? (listed below)
Which DS Case do you need? (if ordering one. DS Lite/DSi/DSiXL)
Where I will be shipping it to?

Any changes to colour? Any Preference? 

Example of e-mail:

1 protective case with Yotsuba and Meowth designs
I have the Nintendo DSi.
Shipping to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (add specifics though)
Can I have Yotsuba without the text and make the bg purple instead of light blue? Also, do not add "this DS belongs to" for the Victoria design.

Hello everyone,

Here are the price listings for my designs/cases:

DS Lite/Dsi/DSiXL Protective Case

Nintendo DS Lite/DSi/DSiXL protective case, clear, and will keep your DS from getting scratches.
Clear Protective case

$5 (+shipping) NO DESIGNS


Sleeves for the cases, in case you already have them. These only apply to designs that are in my gallery, not comissions.
Comes with one Design of you choice from my gallery!

$6 each(+shipping*) NO CASE
*note, shipping will be MUCH cheaper since there won't be a case in the envelope. I will probably just use a regular envelope to ship the design(s)

DS Protective Case + 2 Designs

Nintendo DS Case plus 2 designs of your choice from the gallery that I've already drawn.
Comes with 2 Designs of your choice from my gallery!

$15 (+shipping)

DS Protective Case + 1 Custom Design

Nintendo DS Lite Case plus whatever design you would like. Design will be on high quality card stock paper.
I will talk to you through e-mail so we can discuss the design and what changes you would like once I've started on the design.
Any design possible!

$20 (+shipping)

Shipping Information

I will ship your items in a bubble wrap envelope to keep it safe. I will determine shipping and add it to the total cost.

Thanks for checking everything out! Here's a shot of the sleeve in the case:

Featuring the design sleeve of Lightning from Final Fantasy 13


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